Need A Second Opinion?

Need A Second Opinion? Am I On the Right Track? Are you headed down a track that feels great, almost too good in fact, and want to make sure it’s still the best one for you?  Or has that track gotten a little bumpy recently and needs a review?  Maybe you’re about to start down…

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Help! I Own A Small Business

Help! I Own A Small Business   As small business owners ourselves, we understand how many moving parts there are outside of the business’s day to day operations.  These parts could be health insurance, retirement plans, and business overhead insurance.  With so many potential options, we can help pick what works for you, your business,…

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Where Do I Start?

Where Do I Start? It’s All Overwhelming!   We’ve all been there.  We look at a task that we know we have to start but have no idea how to start, let alone finish.  It’s so much easier to “snooze” it and come back to it when we have more time, feel smarter, more motivated,…

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I’m a Superhero!

I’m a Superhero! Why Superheroes Might Still Need Life Insurance Which one of the following 5 fictional characters has the greatest need for life insurance: Batman, Spider-Man, Harry Potter, Marge Simpson, or Fred Flintstone?  The answer might surprise you. A survey done by KRC Research from 8/11/2005-8/15/2005 asked 1,014 Americans above the age of 18…

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How Much Was That?

How Much Was That? My Kid is Going to College! We’ve seen a lot of price tags in our life.  But one of the largest ones we might look at is the cost for sending a child to college.  Don’t let the sticker shock you too badly, there are options available to you. But, to…

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Did That Just Happen?

Did That Just Happen? What Do I Do From Here? Many things in life are inevitable.  One of those things is change.  Whether we want it to or not, our circumstances will be different in the future.  It might be a new job, a promotion, a child or grandchild, a new home, or some required…

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