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Investment & Risk Analysis – August 2020

Investment & Risk Analysis – August 2020 Hello OCWCer! This month’s theme of “Investment & Risk Analysis” is quite timely. It’s the biggest topic we talk about this year and with good reason. Are we encountering something “different” this time? Should we just wait it out until things aren’t “changing” so much? These are sentences…

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Lessons for Kids About Finances

Maybe I have a bias when it comes to this topic, but I think it’s incredibly important to teach your children (raises hand) about being financially responsible because they will never learn this in school or on television.  As a matter of fact, they learn all the wrong things in school and on tv, it’s…

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How Much Was That?

How Much Was That? My Kid is Going to College! We’ve seen a lot of price tags in our life.  But one of the largest ones we might look at is the cost for sending a child to college.  Don’t let the sticker shock you too badly, there are options available to you. But, to…

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