Did That Just Happen?

Did That Just Happen?
What Do I Do From Here?

Many things in life are inevitable.  One of those things is change.  Whether we want it to or not, our circumstances will be different in the future.  It might be a new job, a promotion, a child or grandchild, a new home, or some required expenses.  Perhaps it’s an illness, an accident, or the death of a loved one.  All these major life changes may require an adjustment or extra attention.  It may feel like there’s extra pressure on you to take care of these responsibilities.  What’s the best way to proceed from here?

1. Slow down – We don’t have to get everything done today.  There will be some pressing issues that require immediate attention, but it’s important to make good decisions.  Family is the most important, so take some time to visit with them and get to the less-than-immediate things later.  Each person will handle these changes differently and in different speeds, and that’s ok!

2. Prepare – Once ready to proceed, get an idea of what you would like to and what you have to accomplish.  Meet with the appropriate professionals to gather the information and starting listing your tasks.  The more you prepare, the more peace you will have in the path that you are designing.

3. Accomplish – Once you’re prepared, you’ll be more comfortable committing to the decisions and tasks that need to be completed.  However, expect things to need to be adjusted.  Problems will arise and some of the tasks will not go as smoothly as expected.  If you’ve prepared enough, you’ll be able to complete them anyway, but it will require some effort.  The pressure will start to be relieved each step.

4. Monitor – When the main things have been accomplished, reflect back on where you’ve come from and find ways to improve your path even further.  Return your attention to the things that are the most important and remember to continue to monitor your plans.

We help people through these steps every day.  It’s what we do best, make sense of the clutter.

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