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OCWC Coaching – May 2020 – Investing in Your “Future” Self

Hello OCWC’er! May’s coaching theme is “Investing in Yourself”, but I’m going to add the word “Future” in there since it’s incredibly timely. Enjoy this month’s reading! —- These past few weeks have been chalked full of lessons. Lessons about family, exponential curves, and even lines for toilet paper. But one of the things that…

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Effectiveness vs Simplicity

How often do we start our research looking for simplicity and then deciding on complexity?  We usually start looking for the “easy” answer, but then turn around and decide that the solution to an important situation must be complex.  Society tells us that in order to appear sophisticated, we must be complex, as if we…

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I Want To Be Your Google

Let’s face it. There is so much information available on the internet now that you can find out anything.  From how to say “dumb dog” in Cantonese to how to replace the lights in an off-brand chimney hood over your stove (or maybe those are both just things I look up).  What’s the first thing…

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Where Do I Start?

Where Do I Start? It’s All Overwhelming!   We’ve all been there.  We look at a task that we know we have to start but have no idea how to start, let alone finish.  It’s so much easier to “snooze” it and come back to it when we have more time, feel smarter, more motivated,…

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