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September 2017 – Life Insurance

Would Batman need life insurance? September’s theme of “Life Insurance” is aiming to separate the different facets to ponder about life insurance.  It’s a topic that we shouldn’t wait until our “spidey-sense” tingles or we get “Bamm Bamm’ed” over the head before thinking about it. Hopefully this information will provide you somewhere between “Alohomora” and “Bombarda Maxima” type wisdom.…

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I’m a Superhero!

I’m a Superhero! Why Superheroes Might Still Need Life Insurance Which one of the following 5 fictional characters has the greatest need for life insurance: Batman, Spider-Man, Harry Potter, Marge Simpson, or Fred Flintstone?  The answer might surprise you. A survey done by KRC Research from 8/11/2005-8/15/2005 asked 1,014 Americans above the age of 18…

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